The Lodges at Blue Water Manor

By | August 7, 2017

Do you like water, listening to music, or staying in a cottage? Then you have other five reasons to go to The Lodges at Blue Water Manor (New York), not just the three we just mentioned. Find all five below!

Lots of water related activities
Whether you like to take a ride in a kayak, canoe, or a paddle boat, you can do all of them here at the Blue Water Manor, on Lake George. Swimming and tanning are other nice ways to take advantage of your presence by the lake. You must go to the manor’s sun deck and dock area for these 2 activities.

Bring the kids
Many families have a hard time finding a destination that specifically accept children. Blue Water Manor is one them, and as such it has designed activities for kids as well. The young guests can have fun on the playground, in the lake, or by participating in the children’s crafts programs.

Having a picnic
Who doesn’t want to have a picnic while trying to relax? The staff at the Blue Water Manor knows this and it created a special area for picnics. Guests can also have fun by the fire pit, most likely in the evening and if the weather allows it.

Becoming more active
A getaway is perfect to discover a new passion. Basketball and tennis can be your new passion. These two sports are fun and require a lot of energy. They are also perfect for those who want to become more active or searching for any excuse to unwind.

For a party
While the Blue Water Manor offers wedding related services you might not want to get married. However you can always inquire what are the conditions to throw an unforgettable party. Your event can be an indoor or an outdoor one, still based on the weather.