Top 10 places to visit in Provo – Utah

By | April 30, 2017

Utah has many attractions that are worth seeing, and here are the top 10 places to visit in Provo. The large city is one of the best you can visit in Utah, and its attractions will not disappoint you.


Bridal Veil Falls

This beautiful waterfalls should not be missed during your trip to Provo. The Bridal Veil Falls is the ideal summer attraction, and the gorgeous surroundings are something you will not forget anytime soon. The waterfall is free to visit and makes the perfect backdrop for some amazing pictures.


Brigham Young University

If you want to get a taste of the college life, check out the Brigham Young University. The university offers a large library as well as a beautiful campus you may enjoy seeing.


Provo Canyon

Utah is a state that is rich in natural attractions, and Provo Canyon is one of them. Here you can have a nice picnic out with your family, or simply check out the beautiful hiking and biking trails. The Canyon is visited by millions of tourists each year for free, just make sure to bring your camera.


Provo City Center Temple

The Temple makes for an amazing attraction no matter whether you are spiritual or not. Here you can admire the beautiful statues, take pictures and even go on a self guided tour.


Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum

Science can be fun, so check out the Monte L. Bean when you have the time. This cool museum offers many exhibits related to science and animals. The Museum is also the right place for children, as there are many activities they can engage in.


The Soap Factory

If you are interested in seeing a unique attraction, check out The Soap Factory. You will get to see the most artistic soaps, but also learn about how they are being designed and produced.


Seven Peaks Resort Water Park

Whenever you are looking for some family fun, check out Seven Peaks Resort Water Park. The theme park provides slides and other water attractions for the entire family to enjoy on a hot summer day. The affordable prices draw in many visitors every year.


The Y Trail

Maybe you love hiking, so go for a dose of your favorite activity on the Y Trail. The gorgeous trail offers spectacular views all over the area, and is suitable for both beginners and professional hikers.


The Covey Center For The Arts

The venue is not big, however it offers great performances for decent prices. You can even host your own event here if you’re an artist, so make sure to visit it on your trip to Provo.


Provo Beach

If you visit Utah for your summer vacation, you can’t miss the opportunity to go to the beach. Provo beach is where all the actions happens. Here you can swim, engage in some of your favorite watersport, or play some beach volleyball.No matter what you decide to do, you are guaranteed to spend a lot of fun hours in the sun.