Top 10 places to visit in Norwalk – California

By | February 12, 2017

There are many places you may enjoy visiting in California, and Norwalk is one of them. If you want to know more about this city as well as its attractions, read on. You will maybe get to know it and love it.

Golf ‘n Stuff
If you are looking for an attraction to enjoy with your entire family, check out this one. You can get to play golf and learn more about it but not only. The spot features a casual restaurant for the entire family, as well as a bar for drinks.

AMC Norwalk 20
Movies can be fun to watch, and this theater will not let you down. Here you can watch new movies but also revisit some old favorites in a friendly and casual setting. More than this, the theater offers a spot where you can eat and drink.

Norwalk Town Square
Shopping is a fun activity no matter where you are, so don’t forget to visit the Norwalk Town Square. The Mall is the place to find some of the best accessories in town, but also clothes and bags. You can even find gifts here, so check it out.

Regency Theatres
If you are looking for an affordable theatre, go to Regency Theatres. You can watch some vintage movies here for cheap, but also some of the new ones you might like. The theatre is open every single day of the week.

ScoreBoard2 Sports Bar & Grill
If you’re looking for a night out in town with your friends, your best bet is ScoreBoard2 Sports Bar & Grill. The bar is open every night and beside drinks, you can taste some of the city’s best chicken.

Wifey McBeaty’s Tavern
The tavern is the perfect place to have some drinks with your friends. If you need more, you should know that the place also offers delicious food. The prices are inexpensive, so the tavern is the right spot for a family gathering.

Whenever you crave chicken wings, check out this cool restaurant. Here you get the chance to taste the city’s best hot wings which will leave you wanting more. In addition to that, the restaurant also offers birthday parties.

Outback Steakhouse
The steakhouse serves some of the best hearty meals in town. If you are craving a steak or maybe some fries and a salad, check out this cool place. The steakhouse is open until late at night, every day of the week.

Mi Burrito Mexican Grill
Maybe you are in the mood for some Mexican food, and this spot will not let you down. You don’t need to make reservations for a table here, and large gatherings are welcome. In addition to that, the restaurant offers birthday parties as well.

Go sightseeing
Maybe you want to explore the areas, so go on a sightseeing tour in order to do so. There are many tours offered by various local companies you could check out, and the decent prices are also attractive. You will get to know Norwalk and fall in love with it.