Top 10 places to visit in Salem – Oregon

By | February 8, 2017

If you are going to visit Salem in the near future, read on for the city’s top 10 attractions. Salem is the capital of Oregon, and a city full of tourist attractions you may want to experience.


The Riverfront Park

The Riverfront Park is located downtown, which makes it an easy to reach location. The park offers numerous entertainment option such as a large picnic area, carousels, and beautiful alleys. This is the place where locals go when they want to grab some food on the go, or sit down on a bench and enjoy a cup of coffee.


The Salem Carousel

The carousel is one of the city’s main attractions, and its lights as well as decorations attract millions of tourists every year. Visit the carousel when you want to experience something different, no matter your age.


A.C Gilbert’s Discovery Village

This interactive museum offers exhibits suitable for kids of all ages, and is split into different rooms that your kids will love to check out. The rooms feature a Victorian style and amazing decorations that appeal to any age.


The Reed Opera House

The downtown location of the Opera House makes it convenient to visit, and has also been renovated recently. The impressive venue is the place where most of the city’s artistic performances are held, so take the time to check them all out.


The Historic Deepwood

If you are a fan of historic mansions, visit Historic Deepwood for a few hours. The mansion is open for guided tours and group tours, and its rich history makes it appealing to anyone who visits.


The Bush House

The house was built in 1878, and is nowadays an important tourist attraction. The impressive architectural design of this home along with its rich history makes it perfect for tours.


Willamette Heritage Center at The Mill

Maybe you want to learn more about the city’s history, and in that case check out this amazing museum. There are many events taking place here every year, and guided tours are offered on a constant basis.


The Oregon State Capitol

The beautiful building is the place where the state politicians are holding their meetings. The area is surrounded by gorgeous trees and parks, so consider taking your camera with you for some great pictures.


The Enchanted Village

This themed amusement park is perfect for rollercoaster rides, and also offers other attractions such as a haunted house. The amusement park is opened everyday, and both kids as well as adults can enjoy the entertainment options found here. In addition to all the attractions, Enchanted Village provides several restaurants where you can grab a burger.


Bush’s Pasture Park

The Pasture Park is an ideal location for locals and tourists alike, The park contains no less than 4 different playgrounds for children, as well as picnic pavilions and benches where you can read a book. Furthermore, several of Salem’s attractions are located here. Some of these include the Municipal Rose Garden and a museum.