Top 10 places to visit in McKinney – Texas

By | December 29, 2016

If you are looking for the top 10 places to visit in McKinney, check out this list. This Texan city provides many cool attractions that you may enjoy seeing on your vacation.


Historic Downtown McKinney

The square is perfect for a visit when you want to learn more about McKinney. Here you will be able to locate antique malls and shops, but also numerous restaurants spread along the way. Spend some time here and remember to check out the delicious desserts.


Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary

The Wildlife Sanctuary is an amazing place where you should take your kids if you get the chance. You can enjoy many animal related exhibits here, including a Dinosaur Exhibit and other attractions.


The Dog Park at Bonnie Wenk

If you have a furry friend, check out the Dog Park at Bonnie Wenk. The dog park features many dog related attractions, and your companion will be able to run freely for an hour.


The Landon Winery

This luxurious winery offers tours, and you will get to enjoy the wide variety of wines available here. The winery also makes the perfect spot for a romantic date. If you want to buy a bottle for yourself, you should know that a shop is located here.


Towne Lake Recreation Area

Are you looking for a cool recreational area? In that case, visit the Towne Lake Recreation Area for a few hours. This all natural place includes beautiful trees, as well as a lake where fishing opportunities are available.


Erwin Park Hike & Bike Trail

This hike and bike trail is challenging but also fun, and the scenic views will make for some unforgettable moments. If you visit the area, don’t forget to bring your camera with you. This location is ideal for people who love the outdoors.


The Tupps Brewery

If you enjoy beer, take a tour of the famous Tupps Brewery. You will get the chance to enjoy some of the various types of beers, and maybe learn more about the history of this beverage.


The McKinney Courthouse

The Courthouse is one of the main attractions in McKinney, and its highly decorative architectural style looks fantastic in pictures. Guests can also tour the Courthouse by attending a guided tour. The Art Deco architecture and the amazing interior will make you want to return.


The Mitas Hill Vineyard

If you don’t know where to take your significant other for a day trip, consider the Mitas Hill Vineyard as a destination. This cool place also offers food, so you will definitely not go hungry during your trip. Mitas Hill Vineyard is also open for wedding receptions.


Myers Park and Event Center

This beautiful and clean park makes a wonderful destination for a Sunday picnic but also events. If you want to organize your own private event in the park, you should know a large gazebo is located here. The park also includes a large lake right in the middle of it. You will definitely not regret your trip!